Happy Labor Day!

5 Sep

What the heck is Labor Day, seriously?! All I know is that it’s a holiday and while most be people had the day off I was laboring away.. no pun intended. I try to avoid being ignorant but hey sometimes it just happens…so I Googled Labor Day and ironically enough Wikipedia provided me with this definition:

” Labor day is an annual holiday to celebrate the economic and social achievements of workers” .. cough, cough.

Well to me Labor day signifies that all of the kids are going back to school…suckers! And I have never really associated it to anything other than the last long weekend of Summer. On a side note, do not EVER go shopping on the Sunday before Labor Day, crowded malls, crying children and screaming parents are not worth the sales. It was pure chaos I say now that I have learned my lesson but I think we all know how much I love a good deal. Chances are this time next year I’ll be right back in that mall.

It also means fall is just around the corner and I love Summer, I really do but I am always happy when September rolls around. It means we are that much closer to Christmas. … yes I said it CHRISTMAS! I know I am crazy but I love Christmas, it is hand down may favorite time of year. Enough of that… for a little while at least.

Fall also means

It’s okay to start wearing boots again

It’s not to hot to turn on your oven and bake, in case you were wondering mine is still broken…If yours works, try these homemade granola bars for a back to school (or work) treat!

Starbucks pumpkin spice latte is back

I won’t sweat to death in the middle of the night

You won’t be frowned upon for making gingerbread cookies

For me Labor Day and the month of September are the start of a great season. With 4 concerts, a girls weekend,  a trip to Tennessee, and Thanksgiving just around the corner I can’t say that I am that sad to see Summer go.

Don’t hate me!


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