Apologize, Apologize!

21 Aug

The latest edition of what’s on my nightstand… head’s out of the gutter people it’s a book review! I have been incredibly busy this past month, as I am sure you noted thanks to my lack of blogging. I did however find the time to read this gem somewhere between San Francisco and Cultus Lake and it was definitely entertaining. I decided to step away from my sappy chick novels…enter every Nicholas Sparks book ever written, and read something a little bit different., Apologize, Apologize! by Elizabeth Kelly.

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Different is an understatement I would probably lean more towards eccentric, ah who am I kidding the characters in this book are completely bonkers. Imagine the Royal Tennenbaums meets …heck I don’t even know what to compare this family to. The book centers around Collie, the youngest of two boys, intelligent and ambitious he is hated by his bitter mother, overshadowed by his charming brother and constantly pestered by his drunk father and counterpart Uncle Tom. He also has to deal with his pretentious and incredibly wealthy grandfather, this family is so far past dysfunctional, it is not even funny.

Well providing you with Collie’s life story it  incorporates humor and crazy family drama, and even heartbreak. Apologize, Apologize! is a lot to keep up with and it might not be for everyone, but I will say that I really enjoyed following the antics of these crazy characters. if you are looking for something out of the ordinary than this is definitely the novel for you.


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