San Francisco – 3 Things I love

14 Aug

A couple of weeks ago my best friend and I had the luxury of taking a boyfriend/husband free vacation and it was glorious. We spent a day in Sonoma and then made the trek back to San Francisco for three more nights. San Fran is an amazing city, there is so much to see and do, fantastic shopping and most importantly some delicious food.

Sourdough Bread – my personal favorite thing about San Fran, forget the stunning views and Alcatraz just give me the bread damn it. Sourdough actually originated in San Fran and god bless them.. seriously where would be without it. I get that not everyone is a self-proclaimed “carbaholic” like me but one fresh slice of this and I have a feeling you may be converted. My personal favorite was the sourdough bread bowl filled with clam chowder from Boudin bakery. If you are ever in San Francisco you absolutely MUST go and eat at Boudin Bakery in Fisherman’s wharf. I promise that you will not be disappointed.

Cable Cars – So cliché and so damn fun! I highly recommend the cable cars I mean really who doesn’t want to hang off the side and take a touristy picture, who cares if you are paying six bucks to travel 5 blocks! It sure beats walking up the steepest hills I have ever seen.

Blue Bottle Coffee Company – This gem is located in the Ferry Building and was recommended to me by Angie at Well Seasoned. Naturally I take all of her advice because when it comes to food she knows best, and I have yet to be disappointed. When I arrived to find a lineup 30 people deep I was really excited. Excited?! Yes excited to stand in line for 20 minutes for a coffee, a piece of advice for all you rookies if you see a giant line outside a restaurant or a coffee shop, do yourself a favor and get in it. There is  a pretty good chance you won’t be disappointed. As I approached the counter I started to realize why the line was slightly longer than normal, their drip coffee is just that! Beans ground right in front of your face, hot water poured over it and drip, drip into your cup. It was the so fresh and right up there with one of the most delicious cups of coffee I have ever had. It was well worth the wait! They have a few locations across the united states, if you come across one get in line… oh and bring me a cup will ya!


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