In my 24th year…

12 Aug

Thanks to the hard work of my parents, 24 years ago the world was first graced with my presence… thank god for that! Tonight I intend to celebrate with my amazing friends and family and of course dance the night away in my cowboy boots. What more could a girl ask for right?!

As I am getting older I am doing many more “adult things” for example I make a list for everything; daily tasks, grocery shopping, things I want to buy myself, songs I want to download. It is never ending, and in my 24th year I would like to…

plant a herb garden

take more photos

learn how to make a perfect pie crust

run more regularly

have a slumber party

learn how to sew

travel to a place I have never been

volunteer at an animal shelter

read more often

take 10 minutes to myself each day

laugh so hard I cry…everyday!



2 Responses to “In my 24th year…”


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    […] to Chicago, and I can not express how excited I am. Not only am I crossing off a bullet point in my 24th year to do list I am also crossing off a couple items on my bucket list. Ahem, visiting Wrigley field to see a […]

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