What was I thinking…

9 Jun

For some time now I have been contemplating the idea of getting invisaline, I had braces as a teenager and once they came off the results were fantastic. My buck teeth were no longer buck and as a 16 year old girl I was way hotter right?! That’s why people get braces isn’t it? Once your braces come off it is critical that you wear your retainer as much as possible until you can transition into just wearing it at night. Of course, I was far to concerned with looking “hot” and not concerned with the my teeth moving or, the fact that I was throwing the money the Lilinator spent on my teeth,  down the drain.  None the less, I definitely did not wear my retainer like I should have, and eventually it just didn’t fit anymore. Over time I started to notice the difference in my smile and started kicking my 16 year old self in the butt for not wearing those damn retainers.

Obviously, I was  young naive and far to concerned with the opposite sex at that time and now that I am much older and wiser all I want is a nice smile… right? So after about a year of thinking, multiple x-rays, molds of my teeth and a whole bunch of money, the big day finally arrived. This morning, I marched myself into the dentist ready for my new smile!

First, I had the “buttons” fastened to my teeth and then I received my first 3 sets of trays. So exciting right?! Well it was until about ten minutes into wearing them… it hurts damn it. I guess I had the notion that I was going to have invisible braces and my teeth would magically move, and all would be fine and dandy. Guess again, I am 16 all over again. My teeth hurt, I can’t chew gum, drink coffee and I am whining. Actually, I whine all the time but that is beside the point.

I have to wear the trays for 22 hours a day and I can only have water with them in. Which means, if I want to have a snack or a cup of coffee they have to come out. No big deal right…wrong! These things are in there, I mean seriously secure. Imagine crinkled face and both hands in my mouth yanking on these damn trays, it is not pretty, trust me. And since I had this great idea to fix my smile, this is what my life will consist of for the next 8 months. Seriously… what was I thinking?


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