Root Root Root for the Yankees

3 Jun

So I spent last weekend in Seattle and it was a blast. I spilled an entire beer at a pub, had blisters all over my poor feet and dumped my entire wallet on the ground at the Mariner’s game. A typical day for me really, I wouldn’t exactly say I am the most graceful individual. Actually, in the words of my mom, I can dress you up but I can’t take you anywhere… Thanks Mom! Some might be offended, but not me, I have completely accepted my clumsy and most of the time inappropriate behavior! But I really did have a great time in Seattle I swear! The highlight was definitely the Mariners and Yankees game on Saturday night.

My boyfriend is obsessed with the Yankees and when I say obsessed I mean it. Imagine; Yankees notepads, toothbrush, lanyard, framed pictures, pens, shot glasses, golf balls, t-shirts and towels. The worst part is the list goes on, so when I found out when they were playing Seattle naturally I had to buy ridiculously priced tickets to sit at field level, on the third base line so he could ogle A-rod and Jeter in their unusually tight pants. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE baseball so I was more than happy to go, we have been to several games and stadiums across North America but this was our first Yankee experience and let me tell you it was glorious. Well except, that after sitting from 12 innings and four and half hours and the Yankees lost… devastating I know! There was however a pleasant surprise for fans in the 6th inning, a streaker, yes, full on junk bouncing everywhere dude, running buck naked across the field and thanks to our “great seats” we had quite the view. It is definitely a sight to see when the game stops and 15 security guards start chasing after an obviously drunk, naked guy and then try to tackle him and miss. Amazing really, there are no words, hopefully you will all get to experience it once for yourselves.

Regardless of the loss, we had a great time decked out in our Yankees gear obnoxiously cheering for the visiting team, experiencing our first streaker, getting heckled by Mariners fans, heckling them back, paying $8.75 a beer and throwing peanut shells all over the ground. And we can’t wait to head down for another game.



2 Responses to “Root Root Root for the Yankees”

  1. angie June 4, 2011 at 3:26 PM #

    no mention of the Yankee panties….what the what is up with that ?

    • Kim June 6, 2011 at 11:35 AM #

      Shhhhh! thats our little secret 😉

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