My Favorite Blogs

24 May

There are a number of blogs that I really enjoy reading, other than my own of course! I spend a lot of time reading about fashion, food, travel, music and all of the other things I love so, why not share them with you. Most new bloggers probably wouldn’t give you other successful bloggers links so early in the game, for fear that you would love them more and never return. Well I told myself, have no fear, if they love you they will return…so you better be back or I will be pissed. Just kidding… NOT! Without further adieu…

Eat Live Run – written by a southern girl living in California this is primarily a food blog. The recipes are amazing and she throws in the odd book review and even a fashion tip here and there. Great sense of humor and all around a great blog.

Cupcakes and Cashmere – Food and fashion, what more good a girl ask for really? Recipes, fashion tips, how to’s and home improvement this girl has got it all. Check it out.

Peas and Thank You –  This blog chronicles a hilarious mom who has transformed her entire family into vegetarians. It is full of humor and fantastic recipes, am I a vegetarian no, but do I love this blog anyway, yes!

Happy reading… oh and I will be waiting!


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