Dougie Dog

22 May

I am not sure how most of you spent your holiday long weekend; camping, or maybe roadtripping? Me, I spent it sampling hot dogs! We are big weiner fans in my house and a few months ago there was a deal online for 50% off at Dougie Dog in downtown Vancouver. I thought to myself I love hot dogs and I love a deal so why not?

With the copious amounts of  “dogs” we consume we definitely had some high expectations. And let me tell you, we were not disappointed. With 24 unique choices and sides like yam fries and mac and cheese as well as tap rootbeer, every tastebud I have was thrilled. I ordered the Tropical Dog, it was topped with pineapple, mango, avacado and cilantro. Fruit and meat, some might think its weird but I would have to disagree, the Tropical Dog is a home run. I also sampled the Supermario Dog, which is a jalapeno and cheese dog topped with extra cheese mushrooms and ketchup, also delicious! The mac and cheese is just the way it should be creamy and loaded with cheesy goodness, the yam fries fresh and thick cut, finish it all off with rootbeer and what more could you ask for a Saturday night?

Tropical Dog

Dougie Dog –

1011 Granville St, Vancouver BC


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