Happy Mother’s Day

8 May

In honor of Mother’s Day

5 Reasons I love the Lilinator:

  1. She is never EVER wrong – I get a lot of joy from proving my mom wrong, a very rare occasion. Even when I have cold hard evidence that I am right and she is wrong… she still is still right – just ask her.
  2. She redefines resting your eyes – full fledged snoring on the couch with your eyes closed and mouth wide open is now defined as resting your eyes, not falling asleep.
  3. She is a jack of all trades – from knitting me countless scarves to match all of my outfits to the best banana bread on earth she does it all…except admit she’s wrong of course.
  4. She is up for anything – need a concert buddy, someone to go shopping with, or someone to help you return your recycling – Lilinator is in!
  5. She has saved me countless dollars in cab fare – She always picks me up when I have had a too many “beverages” not matter the time or the place…Seriously people, that’s love!

Hopefully you are all as lucky as me, Happy Mother’s Day!


One Response to “Happy Mother’s Day”

  1. CAR May 8, 2011 at 5:07 PM #

    I ❤ Lillinator too. She has also saved me numerous $$$ in cab fare!!! And we have rocked out togeth at many shows – most memorable – Front row at Big & Rich!

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