Countdown to Adventure

4 May

In 7 days I am leaving for what is sure to be an adventure. Viva Las Vegas! Myself ,and 6 other women are heading to Sin City to celebrate one of our best friends’ upcoming marriage. Yes, that’s right a stagette in Vegas. I think that someone had better warn the authorities; seriously they should be scared…we are going to tear up the town.

I have been to Vegas 3 times before but never for an occasion like this. Actually, the last time I went was for the Country Music Awards and I ended up painting a white marble bathroom stall at Caesar’s Palace pink… oops! It was the ten jello shots fault, I am not to blame! Needless to say, this is a slightly different ball game, that is in terms of activites of course, not alcohol consumption – that will be just as ridiculous. I will say that a lot of creative planning has gone into this trip and I would love to share a few things with you but since the bride just might be reading this my lips are sealed. I mean my fingers are restrained?… you get the picture.

Oh and don’t expect to hear much of anything about the antics of the trip either because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right? But don’t worry I am planning on washing away my sins with a family trip to Oregon the day that I get home. From one extreme to the next right? I am sure my gong show of a family will put on several ridiculous performances worthy of sharing so stay tuned!


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