Election Day

3 May

So I did it, I am no longer a virgin… voting virgin that is. Yesterday, I marched the 2 blocks to the voting location nearest to me and popped my cherry. Ok, I lied, I drove it was raining okay! I am not sure why I haven’t voted in the past, I guess I just never paid any attention or took an interest in it. But now that I am all grown up, pay bills and taxes and do all sorts of adult things I figured it was time. This way when I look at my paycheck and shed tears over the quarter of it that goes to the government, and wonder what they are doing with it, I have less of a reason to complain – because I did my part of course!

It was kind of  a strange experience, much different than I thought it would be. I walked into a fairly empty school gym to be greeted by not one but two very eager election employees. They directed me to a table, I handed the individuals at my table my voting card and a piece of ID. They provided me with a paper ballot and then I went behind a cardboard shield, used a golf pencil to place an “X” beside my choice and put it in the ballot box. And then that’s it, it was over. Pretty anti-climactic really. I am not sure what I was expecting, I think I was most surprised not to see a single computer in the joint. I anticipated a long line, eager people, maybe some signs and chanting? I definitely thought, I would get to go into a booth with my own curtain that’s for sure, is that so much to ask for, really? All in all, voting did not really live up to my expectations, but then again I do have a pretty extravagant imagination. As for my first voting experience…next time I want my own booth and a curtain damn it!

Who I voted for, you will never know…


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