Weekly Obsessions-May 1

1 May

So I’ve decided to share with you my weekly obsessions, yes they are weekly… I have a short attention span okay people.

This week:

Flavored Greek Yogurt – I do not know what it is about this creamy treat but yes I am obsessed. I like to go with a non-fat option, not only is it non-fat it is jam packed full of protein, my favorite brands are Fage (with honey) and Chobani (Blueberry) but I usually have to visit our friendly American neighbors for these. Good news – Superstore is now carrying a non-fat version with a couple of flavors; mango passion fruit and strawberry, I have tried both and I was not disappointed.

My Snuggie – go ahead and hate! But after being really sick all week the Snuggie sure did come in handy while laying on the couch. Nothing beats staying warm while I reach for a drink, change the channel or get this… read my book. Yes, I read a book while my arms were under a blanket, don’t pretend like you aren’t jealous! My royal blue “as seen on TV” Snuggie is not only stylish, but was crucial to my recovery this week.

I bet you can’t wait to see my weekly obsessions are next week, guess what I can’t either!


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