If I had a million dollars..

18 Apr

… I would hire someone to wash my hair and massage my head every day! I had my hair done a couple of days ago, a regular item on my agenda every 10 weeks. We all know this hair isn’t going to keep itself blonde. Most people don’t really enjoy the hour or two or even three  that they have to spend sitting in a salon chair but, they do it anyway because that is the only way they will get the hairstyle they want. After all, Beauty is pain right? Well bring on the pain, I could sit there all day as long as I knew at some point, someone else would be scrubbing my hair and massaging my scalp . It is so relaxing and there aren’t very many things I would put before it on a list of pampering.

I don’t know what it is about someone else digging their hands in and giving my head a rub down but I love it. And the fact that it only happens every ten weeks is a tragedy.

Now if only I were rich..


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