Health Tip Friday?

8 Apr

Ohhhh glorious Friday, or so I would normally think. Except this morning I woke up to learn that my boyfriend has pink eye, Not Cool! I had pink eye once as a kid, it was awful waking up with your eye glued shut, I actually remember my mom having to use a warm cloth to melt the “goo” so I could see. Disgusting I know, which is exactly why I was appalled to learn that the person I share a bed with, who’s face is right next to mine while I sleep has contracted this totally not awesome infection. The best part, he has it in BOTH eyes!

I know what you are thinking, and NO, I did not fart on his pillow I swear…but there have been times! Despite what many of you may believe thanks to “Knocked Up”, no you do not contract pink eye from poo particles getting in to your eye.  Another awesome definition comes from urban dictionary, Pink Eye -“When someone farts in your face, causing poo particles to enter the eye, making it go pink”. Example – “Josh got pink eye when Shelly farted on his face as a joke”.

If it weren’t my boyfriend with pink eye I would definitely tell everyone this is the only way it happens. Regardless of how you get it I know that it is highly contagious. Thus my morning was spent sanitizing every door handle, counter top and remote in our house. Fingers crossed that my eyes stay blue.

Happy Weekend!


3 Responses to “Health Tip Friday?”

  1. angie April 8, 2011 at 7:21 PM #

    nice post Kim, I am sure Jr. Quabble’s was thrilled about his debut in your blog !
    Keep up the great work xoxo


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